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February 28, 2011Conference Focused on Cancer by admin

Haiti has no Cancer Center Treatment Center and few qualified cancer specialists. Cancer treatment is only for those who can afford to leave the country and be treated elsewhere – like the US, Canada, Cuba or the Dominican Republic. This leaves the other 90% of women in the country without access to cancer care. On April 18-21, the Haitian Medical Society is sponsoring a conference that will focus on cancer and how to begin to bring effective treatment to the country. The WGCA will be an active participant at the conference and will have a seat at the table as a new Cancer Center in Port-au-Prince is developed. Women’s cancer is taking a devastating toll on Haitian families, whose mothers and wives do not survive these types of cancers.

February 28, 2011Need for Medical Equipment by admin

We are looking for new and like-new medical equipment to send to Haiti. Currently a pallet of equipment including exam tables, a colposcope, speculums, gloves, pads, and other equipment is on its way to Haiti. But we need more. Colposcopes and gyn cryosurgical units are especially needed. If you are able to help, please contact the WGCA at info.wgca@gmail.com.

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