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June 27, 2011Welcome to the WGCA Blog by admin

Welcome to the WGCA Blog! WGCA is focused and committed to women’s health issues in developing countries, specifically targeting cancer. Why developing countries? According to the International Union Cancer Control, cancer is the number one killer in the world. It occurs more frequently than HIV, malaria and TB combined.¬†Among women, breast cancer and cervical rank number one. Our efforts are primarily directed at addressing cancer of the cervix. Eighty percent of women with this disease live in developing countries and close to 80% die of their disease. This occurs in the face of stark poverty where only 5% of healthcare resources are available. Sadly, 80% of women who come in for treatment when the disease is in an advanced stage of growth. This limits treatment and cure. WGCA is working with other organizations in fighting the battle against women’s cancer.¬† It is important that we bring together partners that have common goals in linking global strategies with local cultures to provide solutions. “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn. Thanks for reading our blog.

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