Women's Global Cancer Alliance


Worldwide, the most common cancers in women are cancer of the breast and cervix.  One of these, cancer of the cervix, follows poverty. Nearly 80% of women with cancer of the cervix live in developing countries where only 5% of the healthcare resources are available to fight the disease. Cancer is not on the health care agenda of many poor countries.  National budgets are unable to address cancer after funding malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS as well as malnutrition and other childhood diseases. Children The role of the WGCA is to identify problems whose solutions come from global experience with similar problems, implementing plans forged through partnerships with women and health care providers in local communities and other organizations whose mission is similar to that of the WGCA. Our focus is building programs in communities directed toward prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to improve the outcome of preventable and treatable disease in women. This can only be achieved by mobilizing resources and expertise where ever it applies to the specific local need. Whenever possible, the WGCA emphasizes the need to improve access to treating preinvasive disease, before invasive cancer sets in.

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