Women's Global Cancer Alliance

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

To bring together partners that link global strategies with local cultures providing solutions to women’s cancer in developing countries.

Vision Statement

To advance women’s health, notably cancer, in developing countries.

Values Statement

We exist to serve and to treat those we serve as we would like to be treated. We believe that mutual respect, relationships, careful listening and collaboration require:

Integrity: Leads to promoting trust through adherence to a strict ethical code and uncompromising professionalism.

Courage: Take thoughtful risks to serve women under difficult circumstances and at personal risk in developing countries.

Knowledge: Value access and timely exchange of ideas and information. Invest in local knowledge. Promote collaborative learning through communities of practice.

Innovation: Being creative. Defining problems and forging creative solutions with knowledgeable and connected people already immersed in their own culture. Use the worldwide web as an incentive to draw on ideas that become applicable to local communities.

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