Women's Global Cancer Alliance

Fact Sheet


A Woman Living in a Developing Country:

  • May live in poverty
  • May be illiterate
  • May walk a long distance to see a doctor
  • May know nothing about the warning signs of cancer
  • May not have access to cancer care or a specialist
  • May never have a pap smear or mammogram
  • May never be immunized against cancer of the cervix
  • Many may never have had a vaginal exam.

These same women may be affected by:

  • Only 5 % of the world’s resources are available to support cancer care in developing countries.
  • In some countries, cancer in women may not be a healthcare priority.
  • Close to 80% of all cancer deaths occur in women living in under-resourced countries.
  • Eighty percent of those will come in with advanced disease that is almost impossible to cure.
  • Cancer of the cervix, caused by HPV, and cancer of the breast are the most common cancers in developing countries.
  • Cancer of the cervix can be prevented by early vaccination, ie ages 11-12, and regular pap smear screening.

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